Stylists, let’s get real. We are trained professionals with years of experience of dealing with all kinds of clients.

And we can all agree that extension clients require the most from us. From matching the natural hair texture, to achieving the perfect color and style it is a true investment for you and the client.

You can have the perfect install, with the perfect color and cut, but if your client cannot properly care for their extensions you are in for some trouble.

Which is why you need to make sure they are educated from the moment they step out of your salon.

How can you do that?

Home Care Instructions – Beach Wave & Subtle Body or Curly
Do your clients know how to properly…

These are just a few of the major things you have to consider with an extensions client. Which is why we created our care and style tutorial videos for clients.

These videos educate them on everything from brushing, to washing to styling.

Promoting this video series to your client’s benefits you because they will have expert tutorials on demand any time they need it and be better equipped to care for their extensions on a daily basis.

For you, as a stylist, this means they want to tell their friends all about you and their extensions! And as a bonus, when they purchase, if they enter your name in the notes section you get $25 off of next purchase.

And after the investment of extensions, why wouldn’t they want access to the collection of products that is going to protect their investment? Our Beauty Boxes have it ALL! Again, promote to your client and receive $25 off your next purchase if they include your name in the notes.

adored signature hair extensions beauty box

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