Hey It’s me jennifer_johnson_janisch. I am the girl responsible for adored_signature_handtied_hair.

I look a bit different then the average person wearing extensions. My hair is curly AF. My clients’ hair also has some form of texture because I specialize in CURLY. The average straight extensions from China were not going to work in my hair. I tried permed ones first and was extremely disappointed as nothing looked just right.

People would say mix textures. That did not work either because if one textured weft was cut and exposed a totally different texture underneath it really looked like a hot mess.

The creation of Adored Hair Extensions started with just that.

As a stylist that is always researching information on how to best serve my clients, I knew that I loved hair from India. It’s softer and finer then hair from China. The search began for a supplier in 2018 and by October of 2019 the product was launched to the market.

If you have followed me and Adored Signature Handtied Hair since the beginning you know the struggles I have had. I’ve dealt with a horrendous supplier and things you would never think of.

I will say the biggest struggle I have is pioneering curly.

Quite literally I am.

That may sound bold.

It may sound like I need to get my ego in check.

curly pioneer

The answer to that is no, it’s not bold and I don’t act like a know it all.

I want everyone who uses our hair to succeed. I want the knowledge of texture to be sought after as much as the time you exhaust yourself with learning a new install method after you just spent 4 yrs learning your previous method.

I am here to say a method is method. You don’t become great at it because you learned something new. You become amazing at it when you have worked on it for hours fine tuning any imperfections. You become a skilled master after 10,000 hours of working the memory muscle.

This is when texture knowledge enters the scene. You have perfected the method but it still seems off. That’s because learning texture matching is just as crucial as learning a method.

I want to share this knowledge with you!

Just like any stylist I love making my clients’ hair dreams come true.

But I’m also passionate about educating stylists on improving their skills and growing their own business.

Ready to grow your clientele?

I’m here to help.

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