I LOVE sharing my curly knowledge and experience with other stylists.

Jen cutting hair

As a curly girl myself I KNOW curls! Hands-On Curly Training days are 100% about me sharing my 30+ years of experience as a stylist, salon and extensions line owner, and curly girl expertise with you.

I want to invite you to book a day with me to talk about all things curly!

The Hands-On Curly Training day will start with a call 3-4 weeks prior so I know what you want to gain out of the experience.

I will address any questions you have…from effectively using social media, to working with curly extensions to color techniques.

We have just added a number of dates so check your calendar and book your one-on-one experience before they are taken.

The day begins at 9am and we start with:

  • Hair selection
  • Coloring Curly
  • Folding and Stitching
  • Cutting and Blending
  • Styling
  • Hot Tools and Products
  • Troubleshooting
  • Q & A Session


  • You will get a $175 swag bag.
  • You will receive our online stylist texture training valued at $1385 for FREE. You will have access to it forever.
  • You will be highlighted and moved to the top of our salon locator.

Don’t just take my word for it…here is what stylists have to say…


“My biggest takeaways from the class were the cut to blend curly extensions, hair selection and the damaging effects of oil on hair extensions.”

“I loved so many things about taking the one on one curly hair class. I learned about the curly textures and why you wouldn’t mix those on an install. Styling curly hair and getting the education on the products used and why. All of the tips for cutting curly hair were super helpful and especially loved seeing how to sleep in curly hair.😄♥️”

Don’t wait!  Book your one-on-one experience before they are taken.

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