Are we ever finished learning? No.

Are we ever that experienced that nothing else can excite us? No.

So why do we allow limitations on our potential? I truly believe that these limitations are fear based.

Maybe you are worried about failure.
Maybe you are so invested in one thing you can’t see out of that limiting box for another possibility.
Maybe you are contracted to only be apart of a certain method or process that it limits what you can do & where you can go.

Here’s the truth….
Nobody and I mean NOBODY can take away knowledge. It resides in your brain space and allows only you to be able to access it. It’s free for you to use no matter where you are in life. No matter what you are doing.

And guess what?
It’s ok to be different.
It’s ok to tweak things how you like them.
It’s ok to go against the grain every now and then.

Damn it’s actually quite awesome to experience something all together different and new.

You wouldn’t settle for a stale boring life so why would you let someone dictate your actions anywhere you hold space?

Are We Ever Finished Learning

What am I getting at?

I am talking about methods that hold you captive after spending thousands of dollars with them that turn around and say you can’t tag any other brands in your photos. If it truly is an education platform and they tell you that they are growing you then why on earth would you allow them to hold you back in such a way?

We love when you use our hair and tag us.

We don’t penalize you. We actually give a discount code for purchasing your next hair order if you allow us to share your photos.

Does it help us grow? Yes.

Does it help you grow? Yes.


We get messaged all the time asking for extension artists that use our hair. WORLDWIDE.

Crazy I know.
But it’s 100% true.

If you take our class on CURLY we put you on our website completely FREE of charge.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your curly training today.

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