We are asked, “Can I blow out my naturally curly extensions? Will the curl return?”

The answer is YES!

curly and straight 2

Our hair is 100% natural in any texture that you choose. Just like natural hair it can be blown out straight and can be curled with a hot tool. But things to know first:

  • Always use a great thermal protectant when blowing out. We recommend that you use the Iles Formula Hair Finishing Serum (for fine to medium textures) or Curl Revive (for medium to coarse textures).
  • If you are going to use a hot tool to style you will need a second line of defense against that heat. We recommend that you use one that not only protects from the heat but also has hold. If the product has a holding power, you will not have to hold your iron to long to create the curl which in turn gives less time with heat and less damage. Our personal favorite is the Aquage Haircare Beyond Body.
  • Use your hot tools at 320 degrees and no higher. Indian temple hair is finer than most extensions and you can create a thermal hair cut with to high of heat or risk severe damage.

curly and straight1

Want to learn more about working with naturally curly extensions? Book a class with me! The Hands-On Curly Training is the most comprehensive training experience for curly hair! You owe it to yourself and your clients to take advantage of this training experience.

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