Why would you want to experience one of our CURLY trainings?

There are so many reasons.

For starters CURLY hair is everywhere. It’s your choice to learn how to understand it and embrace the Lion it is.

There are so many myths surrounding CURLY.

So much negativity at times with CURLY that you may not even realize.

But the truth of all truths is that we are messaged daily asking for extension artists that understand curly.

Potential clients are seeking extension artists that specialize in curly and know how to make it blend properly and style correctly.

They want the natural luxurious texture that Adored Signature Handtied Hair delivers. They do not want chemically or steam permed hair that does not match their natural texture.

The only way for us to recommend YOU as a CURLY extension artist is to take one of our courses from Jennifer.

training class

Watch the Video

Why Jennifer?

She is an extension artist who works behind the chair everyday with curly hair. She understands CURLY. It is the culture in her salon. It is her life. She eats drinks and sleeps CURLY hair. Adored Signature was created for her own personal needs with her own hair and then for her clients.

Isn’t time for you to level up your career and learn all things curly?

Don’t just take it from me check out what @veronicainness had to say about her experience.




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