Girl on the beach with hair extensions

From the beach to the pool and all the humidity in between…make sure your hair extensions react just like your natural hair!

I have been home like most of you. I have been filling my time with everything and anything other than cleaning out closets 😂

I have been loving all the virtual trainings available. I have been listening to my fair share of Tony Robbins and Racheal Holis keeping my spirits high and constantly reminding myself how crazy busy the salon is going to be in a couple weeks.

It has made me think of my personal curly training for curly hand-tied hair extensions. You see, I have been a stylist for now 28 years. I, myself, have always had curly hair.

Eleven years ago, I became certified in the Ouidad cutting technique and have specialized in curly hair since. With all these things considered, this is why I sought out naturally curly hand-tied hair extensions.

I found what I was looking for in curly hand-tied hair extensions from India and have created hair extensions training, wrapping all my knowledge from over the years into this online training format.

There is so much information packed into this and made it warrant the original price tag of $600. Given where we are at right now I want you all to be able to access this training.

Due to this pause on our busy life, I am cutting the price to only $250!  Just use the coupon HAIREXTENSIONSTRAINING2020 when you check out.

Once we are back to normal working hours, the price will go back up to its original cost but for now it is available at less than half of what it was.

I want all hand-tied hair extensions stylists to be ready for all the clients that are looking for the ease of their natural curl mixing with the natural curl of the hair extensions and blending so perfectly once the humidity hits in summer. So add this training to your knowledge tool box and prepare yourself for the wave of curly hair that is coming our way!

People want easy. People want a change.

While they love the perfect blowout and barrel curls, they will love even more the versatility of naturally curly hand-tied hair extensions and their insanely amazing fullness!

Adored Signature Hand-tied hair extensions are naturally curly and super soft and flowy. I am telling you once you experienced this gorgeous hair, you won’t settle for less.

I hope you get to enjoy this training and as many of you already know you can always message me with questions about the hair.

With my knowledge of being a stylist just like you, working with my hairline for well over a year and being an hair extension artist for eleven years, my knowledge of what you may need to know definitely will exceed your standard of excellence!

Again don’t wait, I am cutting the price to only $250 while we are all stuck at home! Take advantage of that and order it today. Remember you’ll have access to this training forever and be able to go back to it over and over. Get your online video training today!  Remember to use the coupon HAIREXTENSIONSTRAINING2020 when you check out.

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