I have 30+ years experience in the art of hair. I have over 13 yrs of experience with hair extensions and 14 years as a “certified curly hair” specialist.

Why is diffusing is important for curly hair extensions? The benefits of diffusing, contrary to the belief of many, is that it will reduce frizz, defines the curls, and enhance volume. Not to mention the fact that air drying hair extensions is a HUGE NO. (Even when it comes to curly.)

Another common misconceptions about diffusing, is the belief that it causes damage to hair extensions…. Nope it actually helps with the longevity of the hair extensions minimizing the possibility of tangling and matting if curly is left to do it’s own thing which is expand and swirl.

Watch this video to learn more…


Watch the Video

This brings up the importance of proper education and training for hair extension artists, particularly when it comes to working with curly hair extensions. Curly is completely different from straight when it comes to blending seamlessly.

What sets apart Adored Signature’s Curly Training from other hair extension education programs is that NOBODY is teaching the in depth information gained from so many years of experience that I have when it comes to curly.

Not only do I teach you how to become successful with texture matching but I will also help you troubleshoot with things you may experience.


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