Let’s talk about the importance of shampooing with Adored Signature hair extensions. I know what you’re thinking…I’ve been a stylist for years, of course I know what I’m doing when shampooing my clients with extensions.

Well, here’s the thing…when you get a client with 2 – 3 rows of extensions, the shampoo bowl can be tricky – especially if they are textured.

First, make sure the shampoo bowl is properly adjusted so that there is a long stretch between the top of their head and the bottom of the bowl. If the bowl is angled down and the hair is swirling in the bowl you are going to get matting in the wefts.

Second, when rinsing you need to pull the hair off to the side. This gives more length between the hair and the bottom of the bowl to avoid tangling.

This simple technique can save you a lot of problems in the future.

If you need to know more about our hair care, please check out our Hair Extensions Care and Curly Hair Extensions Care pages.

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