This video series has taken you through every step of the process from how to attract clients, tips for having a successful consultation, how to retain your clients after the install and most importantly…the documentation that will help you stand out as a professional and protect you from cancellations and miscommunications.

Here is our Consultation Form, Contract and Waiver that you can download and use.

Have more questions for me? I’m here to support you! Schedule your one-on-one call with me to discuss anything from the various install methods, to how to maximize profits for your salon, to teaching your clients how to care for their extensions.

Video #1 – How To Attract New Hair Extensions Clients Using Social Media
Video #2 – How To Get Hair Extensions Clients To Commit To A Contract
Video #3 – How To Create A Web Page That Gets New Hair Extensions Clients To Commit
Video #4 – How to prepare a client for a hand-tied hair extensions installation
Video #5 – How to help a client care for their hand-tied hair extensions
Video #6 – How to keep your hair extensions clients happy and coming back after the install
Video #7 – Keep Your Clients Happy With A Proper Curly Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Care And Style

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