It starts with a tangle free foundation before styling.


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It’s important you educate your client’s on the proper method for brushing their curly hair both for the look and the health of the extensions.

Curly hair cannot be just brushed over with a wet brush. You need to actually brush THROUGH the rows. Hair with texture needs some special TLC.

Sections need to be created starting at the top and working your way down.

Hair should be very wet all the way through while detangling and applying product.

I use the Felicia Leatherwood brush to go through each section to properly detangle. The brush glides perfectly through each section from the top of the weft down. BTW, this brush comes in our Beauty Boxes that your client can purchase and you get $25 off your next purchase if they put your name when they purchase it.

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Above the rows is the first section. Remove all tangles and clip up. Then for each row, break the horseshoe shape into 4 sections.

From the front to behind the ear on each side (thats 2) and then the back split into two. Work through each one with your brush separately misting water if the hair starts to dry.

This technique helps prevent any matting that can occur at the base of the wefts with any brand of extensions. That happens because the rows are not properly detangled from the base. Another factor is hair texture. If there is texture in the natural hair it will rough up the extension hair as it dries.


Because hair with texture tends to dry like a web. It expands and twists as it dries, tangling with the extension hair.

Styles whether straight, wavy or curly must be set when you wear extensions. If your clients chose to wash and wear, odds are you will have a hot mess on your hands at their first raise appointment.

This technique also minimizes any tangles that may occur throughout the weft. If you have a tangle at the base of the row it will mimic throughout the length of the extensions.

Proper after care is imperative to the best looking set of extensions. We also have Hair Extensions Styling and Care Tutorial Videos for your clients and they get a discount if you use the coupon card we sent with your client’s hair extensions.

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