We talk about it over and over – hair extensions are an investment – not only financially, but also with time.

Now that summer weather is in full effect for your client’s and it’s more important than ever that you educate them on proper product use and care.


Simply put…no. Don’t do it. Grab your perfect lounge chair and soak in the sun. Maybe wear a cute sunhat to protect the color.

When it comes to chemically treated pool water, oceans or lakes there could be no bigger nightmare for the extensions! The damage the water can do combined with the potential of matting and tangles is a nightmare.

If they MUST, sit on the side of the water and dip their toes in!

beach care hair extensions 03

Who doesn’t love the feel of wind in their face? But if the top is down, the extensions must be secured in a braid or tight bun.

People with extensions cannot just let their hair blow in the wind. It might be fun for the moment but the chances your client will successfully untangle their extensions without damaging them is very unlikely.

adored signature hair extensions beauty box

As stylists we all know the importance of quality products for all client’s, especially with extensions.

Our Beauty Box contains EVERYTHING your client will need to properly care for their hair. Here’s our Curly Beauty Box and our Subtle Body/Beach Wave Beauty Box.

We have boxes available for curly hair as well as beach wave and subtle body.

From styling tools and products to shampoo and deep conditioners we have you covered with everything you need to keep your extensions healthy. Proper care is essential to the life of your hair extensions.

Want to learn more? Sign up for a one-on-one training day customized to cover all things curly and what you need to help grow your business. I also offer group training. Sign up today!

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