One Row Of Awesomeness-Hair-Extensions-01

This is one row of awesomeness. Her thinning sides brought her in and her desire to have a fuller top knot. So to work we go.

She initially had the row put in 4 months ago with more red in it. So the colors chosen for her row were #27 “the Gigi” (a warm blonde) and #31 “the Emma” (a light brown with warmth).

Originally “the Emma” was on top and “the Gigi” on the bottom. She wanted more blonde in her life so we flipped the row over with the blonde on top. And reinstalled it.

Then for her color I put babylights the entire top above her row. I used Redken Gels 6NW and 10vol to root her extensions and pulled some through in skinny sections almost to the bottom and a couple tiny lowlight throughout the top between foils.

Once processed and washed I root shadowed her (just a smidge she did not want it to be too pronounced) with Redken Shades 5NW and 7NW. I toned her entire head including the extensions with Redken Shades 9N, 9GI and 9GB. I love her end result.

How’s that for versatility with your row? For winter use the darker side up and for summer flip to the lighter side!!! Love it!

One Row Of Awesomeness-Hair-Extensions-04

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