Summer is here and your clients are going on vacations, attending pool parties, riding around with open air in convertibles and Jeeps.

What does that mean for their Adored Signature hair extensions?

A whole lot of tangles if they don’t properly care for their hair in these situations.

So during the installation it’s important you share with them proper care for the extensions. This ensures they remain happy with their hair and that you don’t have a client return to you with a tangled mess!

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Any time your client swims or is near lakes or oceans, it’s important that they first apply conditioner to their extensions and then secure their hair in a high tight bun, a braid or two braids. This will help to make sure their hair doesn’t get tangled by the water or absorb chemicals or salt water. Once they are out of the water they need to shampoo out the chlorine or salt. Then condition and detangle their extensions followed by styling.

What about a long drive with the top down? Their best bet is to secure their hair into a fun braid to prevent their hair from swirling around in the wind.

beach care hair extensions 03

This is correct!

beach care hair extensions 04

This is correct!

Speaking of hair extensions care, you should also advise your clients to use the detangler brush when brushing out their hair.

It has widely spaced flexi-bristles that glide easily through hair without breaking or damaging your hair strands. This allows for the brush to gently release knots and move with your hair without pain or discomfort.


Perfect for natural curls or waves, this brush prevents abrupt hair pulling or breaking strands and aids in preventing excess hair loss or hair shedding.

This brush works with any and all hair types! From curly, to kinky curly, and straight to super thick, this brush will work easily with and adapt to any hair type. To achieve the best results we recommend you use the brush during conditioning treatments.

Do you have any questions about summer care for hair extensions? Leave them below on the comments and I’ll get back to you.

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