It’s a new year and no better time than now to focus on new opportunities to grow your extensions business.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share with you important “How To’s” to attract new clients, to best serve your current clients and keep them coming back.

Let’s get started with attracting new clients. Some of the greatest tools available to you are FREE social media platforms.

But to be successful with Instagram and Facebook it is going to require some hard work.

Listen in on some of my top tips for making the most of social media to grow your extensions business.

The quality of your work and your clients’ referrals are key to obtaining new business. Take every advantage of showing off yourself and your work!

Want to learn more about how I use social media to attract and promote my business?
Sign up for a Shadow Day. After our initial phone consultation I will create a shadow day to specifically address any questions you have…from effectively using social media, to working with curly extensions to color techniques. Shadow days are 100% about me sharing my 20+ years of experience as a stylist, salon and extensions line owner, and curly girl expertise with you.

Don’t forget to check out our Textured Hair Extensions Training Video Series where we cover everything you need to know about working with textured extensions.

We have created another great series for your clients. Our Hair Extensions Care Video Tutorials will help your clients properly care for their extensions at home. And as a stylist you know the importance of products. Our Beauty Boxes contain all the supplies your clients need to keep their hair looking amazing.

Next week I’ll address how to get hair extensions clients to commit to a contract.


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