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If you are new here let me introduce myself. I am the creator of Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair extensions. I have been a stylist for 30 years. As I type that I can’t even believe that’s possible. I love this industry and I LOVE curly hair. It’s my passion. I personally have curly hair and I have tried everything there is “CURLY”.

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I constantly say that working with curly extensions is totally different than straight extensions. So why would we treat it the same with our thought process of installing extensions? Over the next couple emails I will be discussing what is different and why.

This week’s topic…. “How much hair will I need to install to create the perfect curly blend?”

With curly you are not building to the density of the hair, you are building to the “fluff” of the hair. What makes that different? Well, a guest could have thin curls that are still full. Whereas a client with straight, thin hair will definitely lay flat.

So for the client with straight, thin hair you would use 2 rows with 3 of our wefts on each row in subtle body to create thickness and length.

Curly is a bit trickier. You feel the hair and decide to install 2 rows with 3-4 wefts in each row. After finishing the top row and you drop the hair down above it and 😳 the mushroom appears. It’s like a big cap with strings hanging. There is not enough hair. It’s just not full enough. We have found that the majority of curly extension installs require 3 rows of our Handtied wefts. Let me show you.

2 rows 3 wefts each. The mushroom drop is exactly what happened here. The stylist then started working with her scissors to cut to “blend”. No matter how much blending it will not blend. The more you try to blend it the more extension hair you lose.

two rows

Add in the third row.


Add in the third row to bottom and move up the original two rows.

Can you see the difference?

three rows

In theory 2 rows with 3 wefts each should have been enough hair. But curly hair does not follow the straight hair “theory”.

Next week Curly Hair Extensions 101 will discuss row placement and why it’s different from a straight hair install placement.
I hope this help bring to light some solutions to any struggles you have had.

Jennifer Janisch
The creator of
Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair

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