As stylists we all have followed so many Instagram influencers. As extension artists there are those we follow and so dearly look up to in our industry.

We want to be just like them. We want their following. We want their skills. We want their knowledge that seems unobtainable.

What is their “secret sauce” to the whole enchilada?

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The secret sauce is simple. It is called dedication to their life path. There are no shortcuts. There is no “easy” button.

Where am I going with this?

You have put in the work. You have put in your reps to perfect your skills but you want more results. Better results.

The thought of “if only I could find an influencer who wants me to do their hair”, is creeping in. But how do I find one who wants me is the question.

Here’s the secret to that sauce…

Influencers are chased all day long. They have to determine what is best for them and their vibe.

For you, you don’t just want any influencer. You want someone who is promoting things along the lines of the dream client you so desire to work with.

Not someone promoting Pantene hair care on a regular basis. You get my drift?

You also want someone who wants to know the in’s and out’s of your product. They want hair extensions so bad they are begging for you to install them.

How do you start? Check out this article.

  • Determine which type is best for you.
  • Search out their favorite hashtags, favorite places to eat, shop, drink coffee, etc…
  • Use this information in your posts.

This is how you can start planting a seed. Like and comment on their posts. Create engagement. Then ask them if they would ever be interested in hair extensions.

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Or be totally direct and just go after it.

Key things to know if you want it to be successful…

  • they must understand in its entirety how to take care of the extensions, from shampooing and conditioning, detangling, styling, sleeping, troubleshooting, EVERYTHING.
  • you need to know this service is provided by you for FREE. Yes, you heard me FREE. This is what they are used to.
  • you need a contract with them laying out how many posts will be about you and your amazing hair extensions, Instagram or Facebook Lives or Stories during the install, Lives, stories or photos getting ready in the morning or for photo shoots, maybe a Live with you discussing the benefits of hair extensions and why what you do is the BEST. This contract must be signed and dated by both parties.

If they search you out, make sure all of what we just discussed is addressed.

DO NOT get starry eyed and forget about the basics.

If you are not up front and leave things up for grabs, it will not turn out how you would like it. You will be disappointed. You will have wasted your time.

Let me share on my personal findings with working with an influencer.

Christy Keane approached me and loved our hair. All of the above happened before I could agree on this.

I asked Christy to watch all of our Care & Styling videos for the consumer and then once completed, I asked her if she was confident about taking care of curly hand-tied hair extensions.

I had an extra element…since I was not installing these extensions her stylist also had to be on board with our brand.

She needed to take our stylist texture training.

She had to be confident in providing the service, too.

@hairbykellen was so excited. She told me when she posted that she was taking the training her salon received 10 calls that day alone for @adored_signature_handtied_hair extensions.

It was a win-win. I was confident they both could deliver and the partnership was made.

If you need help doing this kind of thing with your salon, I’m happy to talk personally with you. Just book some time with me.

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