Five of the hardest words to hear and five of the hardest words to say.

Especially when it’s no one’s ‘fault.’


I’ve come to love and trust my stylist. She’s more than my stylist…she’s a friend. And in a few months I’m moving 13 hours away. So we have to break up.

Because we are friends we will always stay connected but I’m losing a really important relationship in my life.

As a client I trust her with my look. A good portion of my self-confidence is wrapped up in how she helps me with my color, my cut and my style.

I think this is true for most women whether they will admit it or not.


But it wasn’t always this way for me. When I was younger I had straight hair with little to no waves. I didn’t play around with color and for cuts I’d bounce from stylist to stylist.

Fast forward to my 30s and things got a little more real. I needed color! So I found a stylist I trusted and when we moved 2 hours from her I would still drive back to have my hair done.


Then BOOM…I hit my late 30s and all of a sudden I had curly hair. WHAT? I mean how does that even happen? Believe me, I’m not complaining! But after over 30 years with straight hair I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Enter Jennifer…the stylist that would help me to understand how to care for my curls.


And for a few years we did just that…cared for my curls while doing fun colors and explored various lengths.

Let’s fast forward a little more to me feeling like my hair wasn’t as full as it used to be. It happens. Age, hormone changes, stress…all factors in hair changes. If it hasn’t happened to you, I’m jealous.

Enter hair extensions…the answer to every woman’s dream of longer thicker hair!


But with curly hair it’s complicated. Without the proper hair there’s no secret that I have extensions. Heck, even my husband can spot bad extensions and he’s bald!

So this move has me freaked out! Jennifer knows curls and she knows hair extensions. She knows them so well she developed her own line because she wasn’t finding the quality of hair she was looking for – especially for her curly girls.

I’m extremely nervous about finding someone to trust with my hair and I’m just a few weeks away from parting with my extensions because I can’t find a stylist in the area that I am moving to that KNOWS curly extensions.

The financial investment is too great for me to take a chance on someone who doesn’t know how to work with curly hair extensions. Without the proper install and blend I’ll be “that” girl with the noticeable extensions.

As a client looking for a curly extensions expert I hope you will see the importance of training with Jennifer. I’m sure there are women in your area that want a stylist they can trust with their curls and extensions too.

Your investment in training for curly hair extensions (either one-on-one hands on or group training) has the potential to earn you a forever client…and possible friend…unless they have to move 13 hours away.

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