We talk about it all the time around here and on social media. Work 3 days a week, live your dream life, oh, and don’t forget…

  • keep your feed consistent
  • take gorgeous photos
  • be an editor and director for your videos
  • know your numbers and
  • don’t forget about your clients!

As a stylist no matter if you are in a commission salon, chair renter or a suite renter, YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER! Yes even in a commission salon. You run a business within a business. In this world we are constantly selling ourselves and our abilities.

So let’s talk “balance”.

Considering hair is everywhere it is kinda hard to disconnect. If you’re like me when you see something beautiful it inspires you. You think about the color within and why it looks so perfect. The perfect outfit shows up in a window and you automatically think of the hair that should go with it. You see someone with amazing hair and you dissect it in your mind so you can reproduce it. You hear a song and it inspires a post in your mind. If you are like me, you create a family vacation from a business trip.

Jennifer Balance Pink Top

So back to “balance”.

I am pretty obsessive when it comes to hair. It’s my thing. I am not apologizing for it one bit. Nobody thought Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant needed “balance”. Haha quite the contrary. We were always waiting for them to WIN the championship.

If you feel like something is wrong because you are hair obsessive, don’t. It’s how you put food on the table, savings in your bank account, provide for your family and pay your bills. Being obsessive makes you amazing at your craft.

Do you need down time? YES!

But don’t feel bad if you are thinking about it in your off time. We don’t work a boring job. We aren’t stuck in a box.

We are able to be as creative as we want in a day. It’s fun. It feeds our soul. It is our very being.

So be obsessive.

It’s what creates beautiful hair that gives confidence to so many like nothing else in this world.

Hair is an addiction for me. It’s not bad. It doesn’t hurt anyone. It makes me happy and has pushed me far past anything I thought was possible.

So to be a great hair hustler you must be obsessive.

Want to be obsessive like me? Sign up for our one-on-one training or a group look and learn class to educate yourself on all things curly. You’ll thank me and your clients will thank you!

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