Ok so let’s be real here…

As extension artists we tell our clients all the time, “if you are going in the water your hair needs to be in braids.” We pray our clients listen and that’s that. Until we get the text message and they are in another country flipping out with matted hair. If you are one of the lucky and it hasn’t happened yet, keep reading because it will eventually if you are not super specific.

These are the type of braids we are talking about!


Not your hair divided into two sections and braiding down from the nape of your neck to your ends. French braids or Dutch braids done right and tight do not allow the hair underneath to move at all. The hair is pulled tightly into this braid and stays that way till you are all done swimming or playing in the water.

You see if your hair is not pulled tight like this with extensions in the hair moves while you are in the water and once you get out of the water it starts drying and swelling wrapping around the extensions.

So many will think getting it wet again will solve the problem. ABSOLUTELY NOT. It will only get worse. As it starts to dry again the tangles will become tighter. This is how dreams are crushed. It becomes a MASSIVE problem and your client’s investment is in the tank.

So if you are an extension artist show your clients this braid if they feel they must go in the water. If they can not achieve it then just their cute little toes can get wet and they can look pretty. The only time they should remove the braids is when they are getting ready to shower and restyle their hair. They need to keep them in even when sitting on the beach.

NO EXCEPTIONS – If you like to have gorgeous hair sometimes there are sacrifices involved.

Check out my video on braids where I go into greater detail.

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