We talk all the time about the importance of texture matching and never using more than one texture on a client.

But when it comes to curly you also need to perfect the cut, blend, and styling technique using the proper products.

How do I know this?

  1. I am the creator of the first line that brought you naturally curly hair from India
  2. I started the buzz on curly extensions and I make them look amazing
  3. I have curly hair and wear 3 rows of Adored Signature Handtied Hair
  4. I have specialized in curly hair and extensions for 14 years
  5. I have over 30 years experience as a stylist
  6. When it comes to learning about curly…I am your Curl Queen.

It's More Than Matching

Watch the Video

If you want first hand experience with years and years of practice that delivered results, I am the one you want. If your just looking for second hand news then someone else is for you.

My classes are 100% about me sharing my 30+ years of experience as a stylist, salon and extensions line owner, and curly girl expertise with you personally. You will learn about hair selection, coloring, folding and stitching, cutting and blending, and styling. You’ll also receive a swag bag and get our online stylist texture training for FREE.

And REMEMBER that learning about curly hair extensions transfers over directly to all of your clients that just have curly hair only. What you learn can help all of your clients – and when you help your clients look their best with curly hair, they tell their friends and you’ll have more clients coming in the door.


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