It goes without saying that referrals are the best. Happy clients tell their friends and you post the transformation photos to your social platforms and then a consult is booked.

But there’s an audience out there that you may not be reaching.

What about the client’s that are searching for an expert in their area? Especially those gals who have naturally curly hair and want extensions.

We have a great way for you to promote yourself as a texture expert with hand tied hair extensions.

We have developed a series of video trainings that take an in depth look at the different textures available in our hand-tied hair extensions and cover everything from deciding on the number of wefts, coloring, two different techniques for cutting texture (one for blending and one to create more curl), styling the hair, sleeping, troubleshooting, and so much more!

I know what you are thinking…I have been doing this for a while and I don’t need your training.

You may have been doing extensions for a long time but have you been doing extensions with texture? Probably not. This training will help you master texture!

So take advantage of this opportunity to buy our training for 30% off with the coupon code 30OFFTRAINING!

And here’s the best part, if you take our training, we will add you to our salon locator so women who are looking for the hair of their dreams will already have the confidence walking into the consultation that you are going to take care of them.

Think of it as a small investment in marketing yourself as an extensions texture expert in your area.

stylist training

And let’s be honest, many of your clients are also new to extensions.

To keep them sending you great selfies to use in promoting your services they have to know how to properly care for their hair!

So we created tutorial videos for the clients.

These videos cover EVERYTHING. From brushing, to shampooing, to styling and all in great detail. We give you tips that you can share with your clients to ensure they are properly caring for their extensions when they get home.

A client who can properly care for their extensions remains a happy client that will refer to you to friends! A client who can’t care for their hair won’t.

Happy clients will tell everyone how much they love their hair and that truly is the best marketing you have!

tutorial videos

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