How do curly girls get the missing clump in the back of their hair?

This is crazy we are told to sleep with our hair up in a “pineapple” (bun) on top of the head. Meanwhile your hair gets roughed up on the back of your head all night long causing a matted mess. After awhile the tangles become so bad it breaks and falls off.

Crazy? Yes!

So we recommend sleeping in a Pink Pewter Rue Stretch band. It’s amazing! It encompasses all of your curls with nothing exposed to the get roughed up at night.

missing clump

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But in the meanwhile fix the gap with some Adored Signature Handtied Hair Extensions!

Here’s what Bailey Moren (@bbmoren) had to say about our hair …
“As a curly hair specialist, and curly girl myself, I’ve struggled to find curly hair extension that look, feel, and act like my hair. Adored Signature Handtied is everything I’ve been looking for! Thank you for taking care of us curly girls!”

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