I talk about the differences in Adored Signature Hand Tied Hair a lot because it’s so important for me that stylists understand the differences when working with textured hair. Because our hair extensions are Indian Remy Hair, double drawn, without silicone with the cuticle fully intact they must be treated differently by both the stylist and the client.

The fact is 87% of people have some sort of curl or kink to their hair. So the majority of your clients need textured extensions.

We want to set you up for success with your clients so going forward we have an updated policy regarding our care and styling videos.

This policy will apply to anyone who has never purchased Adored Signature Hand Tied hair before. If you have already purchased our hair this is not applicable to you, however, if you have not watched our care and styling videos we strongly recommend that you do so.

If this is your first time purchasing Adored Signature Hair Extensions, you must purchase and view our Curly, Beachwave and Subtle Body Hair Extensions Styling and Care Tutorials Videos. When you purchase the videos you will also receive a complimentary Beauty Box which contains every product you will need to properly style and care for the extensions.


These videos will show you how to properly brush, wash, style (multiple ways), and dry the hair, as well as, how to protect it during sleep. Your client’s have a significant financial investment in their hair extensions and you have spent a significant amount of time coloring and installing them.

These videos will help you educate them on protecting their investment, keeping their hair beautiful and as a result they will refer you to their friends.

Your client will thank you, and so do we.

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