This gorgeous girl @christykeanecan loves her transformation by @hairbykellen.

They posted everything from start to finish in her Instagram Stories. I highlighted it here.


When Christy started asking about @adored_signature_handtied_hair extensions, we told her that she first needed to watch our “Care & Styling” videos to make sure she could handle curly.

For Kellen it was the same. She took our stylist training, “Textured Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Training”, making sure she knew all she could about making Christy’s install a success.

The other key part is Christy got our Curly Beauty Box so she would have EVERYTHING she needed to maintain these gorgeous tresses.

Just as I expected…. Her trip the next day to Home Goods took extra long because she felt like the paparazzi was following her! Yes when your hair looks this good everyone stops you and asks about your hair. Or they stare at you over the racks speechless. It’s a thing, really.

care and style1

So if you want the mane of a lioness or if you want to create them, do it right.

Be prepared.

Make sure you have all the tools needed in your tool box
– the correct knowledge
– the proper products
– a client willing to learn all they need to know as well

If you can check the box in front of each of those then you are ready to create the Lioness mane of everyone’s dreams with Adored Signature Handtied Hair Extensions.

She loves it and we love her look too!

Let’s talk about another bonus of taking the training:

  • As a stylist you will be added to our salon locator. So clients who are looking for an expert in textured hair extensions will sit in your chair with confidence in your knowledge and abilities.
  • Your client’s will have the ability to properly care for their hair long after the install, which means they will become a long-term client.
  • We are offering 50% off of our Care and Styling videos with the code PremiumVideos4Hair

care and style2

care and style3

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