I know there is so much talk about becoming a 6 figure stylist. So many classes that are expensive with promises of becoming a 6 figure stylist. Some deliver and most do not.

As your equal, your friend, and someone who has been in the industry for 32 years, I am here to share with you practical strategies for becoming a 6 figure stylist.

That is well before social media, email lists and marketing strategies for stylists. I started taking home 6 figures when my hair cuts were $35 a full foil was probably $55. Did I work hard? Your damn right I did. But now the pricing is in your favor to make more than ever before but if your mindset and tactics are not in alignment it will not happen.

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I lay out exactly how I did it.

Stop letting social media dictate your business.

Be that badass that goes out and makes shit happen for yourself.

Take back the control you were meant to have over your career.

Be accountable.

Be responsible.

Be DISCIPLINED to make the best career you dreamed of with the $$$$$$$ to follow.

How does this relate to the hairline? I am always looking for ways to help the extension artists that use our hair grow. Sharing this knowledge with you is doing just that.

If I did not learn how to create mindset that goes along with the hustle and discipline of making an outstanding career, I could never have created the most amazing line of Indian Temple hair extensions with all that luscious texture!

I could not have withstood all the trials and tribulations of dealing with creating a hairline.

I could not have endured the hardships of a womanizing & manipulative supplier.

I would have coward in the harsh words that come through extension artists that use our product but do not follow the proper care & styling.

I would not have known how to stand my ground with my truths of experience and skills that have got me this far.

Trust me… You won’t be disappointed.

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