Textured Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Training Videos

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Need help with your textured naturally curly hand-tied hair extensions?

It’s me Jennifer!

You may or may not know this, but I have been working on an online training for my hairline Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions. The online training covers everything curly!

In the training I share many things.

For starters, I focus on two different techniques to cut the curly wefts. Both can be intermixed on one curly head of extensions. Each one serves a different purpose but both work to get optimum curl and the perfect blend.

Styling is the next big portion. You will see what scrunched looks like and then how to get definition. Not only do I show you how to get the look, but I go over every product that is the best for curly hair!

Now let’s talk foundation. 🤔 what? Foundation! In order to build something beautiful you need the proper foundation. Though we are all certified in multiple techniques for hand-tied hair extensions, I’m going to explain and show you how important proper stitching is.

With curly hair there is more resistance when brushing through because of the way the hair is naturally. It does not lay in a straight line ( l ), rather it goes from side to side ( Z ) so it’s important you prepare that foundation to be a bit stronger. And I will show you how!

How many wefts you ask? It’s covered! And I explain why!

How do I color the wefts? I share my favorite formulas and go to colors.

What if my clients hair is curlier than the wefts? What if the wefts are curlier than I need them to be? Can I put curly wefts in wavy hair? How do they sleep with curly hand-tied hair extensions? What if? Can I? And How? ITS ALL COVERED!

Curl, wave and texture are on the rise! My sales rep for a large company we all know is partnering up with a smaller curl company to gain their knowledge and insight. Get ahead of the curly movement that is about to take over!

I hope you take this time to join me and learn what you need to know about curl in hand-tied hair extensions! Right now on this release we are offering 15% off the purchase price for the first week!

Let’s get this party started!!


After purchase, you will receive an email within one business day that provides a link to your full access training (ten training videos) There is no timeline to get this training completed. You can watch and rewatch them whenever you decide.

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Beach Wave 18", Beach Wave 22", Curly 22"

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