As a stylist you know you can’t emphasize proper care of extensions enough to your clients.

From the process of shampooing and deep conditioners, to proper brushing techniques, to blowouts.

Every step of the care process is important in the health and longevity of the extensions.

This includes how they care for them when they sleep. Sure wind and water can do some serious damage but so can going to bed with wet hair or not properly securing the hair while sleeping.

Let your clients know that they should NEVER go to bed with wet hair. Imagine the awful tangled mess they will wake up to!

In addition, every night their hair should be braided or secured in the sleeping scarf. This protects the hair from tangles and damage.


The scarves are just one of the many fabulous products your clients get in the Beauty Box.

Our Beauty Boxes contain EVERY product your client will need for proper care of their hair. From shampoo and conditioners, to brushes, to styling products, they will have everything they need at their fingertips to achieve great looking hair at home.


Tell your client’s to add your name in the notes when ordering the Beauty Box and you will receive $25 credit toward your next hair extensions purchase.

Clients who struggle with proper care from home won’t be long-lasting clients. Do everything you can to give them the knowledge with our Hair Extensions Styling and Care Tutorials and proper products to ensure they keep coming back.

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