As a curly girl, I am all about embracing the curls! And part of embracing them is knowing how to properly care and style the curly extensions.

Today I wanted to share this lovely transformation with you. My client had experienced hair loss postpartum and needed a confidence boost.

I installed just one row and look at the smile on her face!


But I also want you to check out my reel that shows how she can also wear her hair straight.

The KEY is understanding how to care and style for the extensions with the natural texture with the option of straightening.

I’ve developed videos that cover everything from brushing to washing to styling that are essential for both you and your clients. This is just a small investment in developing your skills to work with various textures of hair.

Looking for a deeper educational experience? Join me for a full day of training on ALL THINGS CURLY!

Choose between a one-on-one hands on experience or a group look and learn class.

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