Taking care of blonde hair with hair extensions can be challenging enough, let alone the effects of that hot summer sun.

Blond Babes

We recommend:

  • weekly deep conditioning treatments. Our personal favorite is the Iles Formula Hair Masque. There are so many benefits that it made its way into our Beauty Box. If you don’t already know, our Beauty Box contains everything your clients need to care for their extensions. And when they purchase, just tell them to put your name in the notes and we will give you a $25 credit toward your next hair extensions purchase.
  • a toner application every 4 weeks. This will keep your client’s color looking fresh while conditioning their hair and adding shine.
  • keeping your hair securely braided during water sports and open air activities. Breakage is more prevalent in wind and blonde hair tends to be a little weaker. Extensions also can become extremely tangled and matted resulting in further damage.
  • in the days following styling use the Iles Formula Curl Revive or the Finishing Serum to produce a silky shine. These products also have UV protectants!
  • keep sunscreen AWAY from extensions. It’s possible that a tinted accelerator or oil can transfer to the hair and created unwanted warm tones. If this happens, your client needs to use a professional clarifying shampoo along with a deep conditioning treatment.
  • fully brush out the extensions using the detangling brush. This brush works with all hair types and clients should brush from the base to the ends to remove all tangles.

Want to educate your client’s more? We have created care and styling videos that teach them everything from shampooing to brushing to styling.

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