Let’s be honest, extensions clients are a lot of work. And I’m not just talking about the install.

It takes work to market your services to attract new clients. You have to invest time in educating them on care and style to ensure they are happy with their extensions and keep coming back.

I understand all of these challenges because I have faced them myself.

One key factor in the entire process is making sure you have a contract with the client. This protects you as a stylist because it documents everything from the consultation – how the client currently cares for their hair, the look they would like to achieve, the extensions recommendations you present to them.

The contract also establishes you as an expert and increases the client’s confidence in you giving them the hair of their dreams.

I have refined my own contact and invite you to customize it for yourself and use it with your clients.

In addition, I have created a series of videos to give you further insight into every step of the process.

The Entire Video Series

Video #1 – How To Attract New Hair Extensions Clients Using Social Media
Video #2 – How To Get Hair Extensions Clients To Commit To A Contract
Video #3 – How To Create A Web Page That Gets New Hair Extensions Clients To Commit
Video #4 – How to prepare a client for a hand-tied hair extensions installation
Video #5 – How to help a client care for their hand-tied hair extensions
Video #6 – How to keep your hair extensions clients happy and coming back after the install
Video #7 – Keep Your Clients Happy With A Proper Curly Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Care And Style

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