I get asked all the time, “Why would I need the curly education? I’ve been working with extensions for years.”

The fact is 97% of extensions manufactured in the world are straight and come from China. Our extensions come from India which gives them NATURAL texture from wavy to curly.

Proper education and training for hair extension artists, particularly when it comes to working with curly hair extensions is ESSENTIAL. Curly is completely different from straight when it comes to blending seamlessly, styling and caring for the extensions.

In this video I explain the importance of education and why my curly training is truly the Rolls Royce of curly hair education.

Rolls Royce Curly Education

Watch the Video

What sets apart Adored Signature’s Curly Training from other hair extension education programs is that NOBODY is teaching the in depth information gained from my 30+ years of experience working with curly hair and extensions.

Not only do I teach you how to become successful with texture matching but I will also help you troubleshoot with things you may experience.

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