Let’s talk about the value of Adored Signature Handtied Hair.

  • Anything that isn’t a natural curly texture proves to be a disaster for a naturally curly girl
  • As one who has had curly hair her whole life and every type of extensions – I created Adored Signature Handtied Hair to meet my personal needs and my client’s who are curly girls too
  • The way our purchasing works allows you to get a variety of single wefts and the ability create a look with multiple shades of color without having to buy full packs (multiple wefts) of one color (that may never be used)
  • Our wefts are 25 grams/per weft vs. a standard weft is 14 grams/per weft
  • We have a variety of lengths – the width will be less with longer lengths of hair
  • Hair is ALWAYS based on weight whether in a pack or our per weft
  • Our wider wefts allow for you to fold the weft for density and positioning for color pops
  • Our hair is not chemically permed or not steam permed, all of our textures are natural – we have beach wave, subtle body and NATURALLY curly
  • Permed wefts have the same curl pattern from top to bottom – naturally curly hair is less curly at the bottom than the top so our hair best matches natural curl patterns
  • Our curl patterns don’t look false – you can texture match your client’s hair with our wefts
    Indian hair is finer and softer and moves more fluidly than Asian hair which has a larger diameter and is more stiff by nature

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Why Do I Require the Purchase of Care and Style to Purchase Extensions?

  • Curly is no joke
  • It is a different product than anything else available
  • There are so many problems that can happen with curly. We have been through it all and want you to know first hand how to troubleshoot and correct if an issue should arise or have the proper knowledge so an issue never occurs
  • Curly extensions require a curl set with the proper products and styling – EVERY TIME to prevent crawling, matting and ruined hair
  • Curly hair expands as it dries similar to a web and must be detangled, shampooed, and styled appropriately to prevent the web from happening
  • In addition to the training videos you get a Beauty Box with all of our favorite products (valued at over $500) with a color ring (valued at $200)
  • As a curly girl all my life, a stylist for 30+ years and an owner of my own extensions line – I know curls.

Come spend the day with me and learn about all things curly. Even better – stick around for day two for more hands-on work with cutting and styling curls to perfection.

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