Stick with one texture.

  • Our textures are natural and not permed by chemicals or steam. You will see variations throughout the weft. No need to mix.
  • It is FALSE to say that mixing textures will tone down the curl pattern. It does not. Then you just have a mix of more curl and less curl. Trust us when we tell you it’s not a good idea.


Stick with one hair line and one hair line ONLY in an install.

  • All extensions are NOT created equal. Each hair line has a different country of origin. Which means the manufacturing process and make up of the hair is totally different.
  • Mixing will only cause heartache and lost revenue when replacing the mess created by doing so.


We have been “TEXTURE” all along.

  • We eat, sleep and drink it.
  • We wear it. We install it.
  • We cut and style it with perfection and ease.
  • We get it.

It’s our thing.

Let me help you to make it YOUR thing…sign up for our one-on-one training or a group look and learn class to educate yourself on all things curly. You’ll thank me and your clients will thank you!

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