versatility with adored signature handtied hair extensions

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Are your clients looking for this kind of versatility with their hair extensions?

If you learn how to master texture you will open the flood gates to a bigger paycheck.

We have potential clients sending DMs and emails daily looking for stylists to make their hair dreams come true!

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The only way to be highlighted on our Salon Locator is to take our training.

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Jennifer is now also bringing her curly extensions on tour!

We would like to come to your salon and showcase our hair along with a look and learn for cutting and styling curly hair!

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Getting the proper training on working with curly extensions is is the best thing you can do for your career as a stylist and for your clients!


  1. Expands your knowledge of working with curly extensions (all of which you can also use on curly clients without extensions)
  2. Increases your price point for curly services.
  3. Gets you on the Salon Locator for potential clients to easily find you!

I’d love to come to your salon and show you our curly Adored Signature Handtied Hair in person!

Send me an email at and let’s take your knowledge of working with curly hair and textured extensions to the next level.

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