In our last email we talked about the importance of your clients caring for their hair while in the wind and water.

But as a stylist you know it’s not just about the care, it’s also about the products. After investing so much in their beautiful new hair, it’s a sin to use the wrong type of products on the hair.

Which is why we created our Beauty Boxes.

These are packed with everything your client needs to properly care for their hair.

From shampoo and conditioner, to combs and styling gels to deep treatments and head scarves…there really isn’t anything else your client would need to care for their extensions.

Educating your client on the proper products and use helps you because they will love their hair every day just as much as they love it when they walked out with a fresh install.

Tell your client’s to add your name in the notes when ordering the Beauty Box and you will receive $25 credit toward your next hair extensions purchase.

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