Different Than Other Brands

What separates us from the competition?

For starters, we were the FIRST to bring you naturally textured hair in the hand-tied market.

That’s a pretty big deal!

A pretty darn big gamble.

Stepping out of the “norm” to fill a massive void in the world of hair extensions was a risk.

Others tried and failed.

It took the experience of knowing exactly how to work with curl patterns to create a successful brand.

India ethically sources hair because the Hindu religion believes in a religious ceremony called Tonsuring. Tonsure (/ˈtɒnʃər/) is the practice of cutting or shaving some or all of the hair on the scalp as a sign of religious devotion or humility. The temples then sell the hair and put the income back into the communities.

When the hair has the “full cuticle” there is no need to coat it with silicone. A full cuticle creates the shine. Silicone tends to make hair extensions look “barbie shinny” or fake. After a while the silicone washes off and leaves strands of hair without the protection of the cuticle. It can become weak, vulnerable and dried out easily with zero shine.

A natural curl pattern will last the lifetime of the extensions. A steam perm will fall out after a couple of washes and a chemical perm tends to feel stiff, dried out and rough.

Last but not least created for stylists by a stylist. Our brand was created out of a need within Adored Salon because we recognized that clients wanted hair that moved like their own. They did not like the straight, stiffness of the other hairlines on the market for hand-tied hair. Hair from India is finer and softer making it more similar to American hair.

So why textured hair you ask?

Texture matching is just as important as color matching when it comes to hair extensions. If the texture is off it will be a dead giveaway and not the seamless blend you were wanting to produce.

So it’s pretty clear that Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair stands out from the other brands on the market.

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