So often disappointed by what I see and read in social media that pertains to the hair industry. There is so much information out there that is not always backed by facts.

What if the next biggest trend was right under your nose but you chose not to try because you think “I am a balayage specialist”? What if that brand you were told NOT to tag because they were exploiting you was your next big contract?

Which Path is Correct

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Hearing negative information continuously only breeds more negativity.

If you don’t try, you will never know.

If you always follow the what the industry “norm” is how will you ever STANDOUT in the crowd?

Follow your heart and do what feeds your soul. Get the most exposure you can because you are always building your team and client base.

MAINSTREAM seems boring.

The path less traveled is usually the most beautiful as it unfolds before you. 💙

Let me help you in becoming a STANDOUT. In my one-on-one training we not only talk about all things curly, I answer any questions you have…anything from how to use social media to successfully market to owning and managing a salon to building your brand.

Let me share my 30+ years of experience with you!

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