First off, our hand-tied hair extensions are textured and curly.

With curly extensions you experience different things when they dry.

Let’s start with brushing.

You need to use a stronger brush than the wet brush so they get through the hair tangles fully. Clients need to section their hair when brushing. If you don’t use the proper brush or carefully section and brush there is a high chance of experiencing matting. No one wants that! With so much hair in a small area it takes proper care to detangle.

Do not mix lines of hair! Our hair is from India and hair lines that come from other areas of the world have different textures and diameters.

Never go to bed with wet hair. Fine, softer hair with texture will result in extreme tangles and matting.

Do not mix textures of hair! Stick with one texture so best match the client’s natural hair. No matter what other lines may tell you, trust us choose your texture and stick with it! Take my word for it! I am a curly girl and I understand the difference in the textures of these extensions.

Do not use oil on extensions. It’s not water soluble and will heat the extensions from inside out and kill the life of the extensions. Most oils will not even wash out with shampooing. Build up of oils will compromise the hair especially with heat. Use quality deep conditioning products like the Iles Deep Conditioner or the Ouidad Triple Treat – both are water soluble and will not cause build up to the extensions.


There are so many differences for textured hair! We have created Care and Styling videos  for your clients (we give you two postcards in your hair extensions order. One has a promo code that gives them $50 off the videos. The other is our take home maintenance care sheet.) Our Beauty Boxes have everything your client needs to maintain and create the perfect style.

The Care and Styling videos will educate them on everything they need to know from brushing to shampooing to styling. You also get $25 off your next hair extensions purchase if they purchase a Beauty Box and put your name in the comments.

And don’t forget to give them our free Take Home Sheet for Beach Wave/Subtle Body hair extensions or Curly hair extensions.


As stylists we have stylist training videos just for YOU. Everything from cutting textures, to properly securing the wefts to styling the textures.

It takes time and effort to care for textured extensions and you need the proper products! From the brush to the shampoo and conditioner to the styling products to the clips and hair scarves…this box truly has everything your client needs to properly care for their extensions!

Bonus for you…if you take our stylist training videos we add you to our salon locator. People contact us from all over the United States wanting this hair. This makes it easy for them to find you and they come in trusting you because you are an expert in working with textured hair.

Ultimately, we are here for you! We want you to be successful and that’s why we have taken the time to put together training and products to best help support you!

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