I talk all the time about the importance of products for the health and longevity of hair extensions.

Which is why I felt like it was important for me to share my knowledge of the Iles products and why you should be using these on your clients and educating them on the importance of using them at home.

Wendy Iles, the creator of the Iles product line, is a celebrity stylist who travels the world to create beautiful hair – so she KNOWS the importance of products.

When she started out she needed products that could deliver beautiful hair in one session. She got to work researching ingredients and how they work together. She made her own special products that she brought with her on jobs.

Soon her clients started asking if they could purchase her 3 main products: the shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum. At the time she didn’t know what to do, these were things she actually made on her own in her kitchen. Yes in her KITCHEN! She never intended on having a product line.

This is where the journey began to bring it to the market. With lots of hard work and time we now have access to this amazing brand that we LOVE!

Iles Products

I was fortunate to take a class with Wendy and it was so inspiring to listen to her explain all the reasons why her product does what it does and her stories of her travels and challenges in the industry. I loved my time with her and I didn’t want to leave!

Here are my takeaways that I want to share with you:
ALL of the products are sulfate, paraben and silicone free.
ALL of the products are water soluble and will not build up on your hair.
The shampoo alone prevents breakage because it is a porosity equalizer. It is the root of a sweet potato that does most of this amazing work! Always shampoo twice and let the lather sit on for a couple minutes. This lather will strengthen your hair and equal out the porosity. It will also help to neutralize unwanted brassiness in blondes from it cleansing power!
The conditioner seals the cuticle instantly to create strength and shine
The finishing serum and curl revive are like “make up” for the hair. Using silk proteins from Silk Worms in Japan and a bunch more luxurious ingredients from around the world, they act as a thermal protectant, UV protectant and a humidity blocker. When used for a blowout your hair will feel like silk and have an unmatchable amount of shine.

These are the statics for your hair when you are using Iles Formula consistently:
100% Repaired
75% Reduction in Frizz
90% Reduction in split ends
25% Thicker feel
85% smoother feel to thick coarse hair

If you want to learn more check out the video I made after my class with her…as you can tell I was on a total hair high from the experience! As a stylist you know how that feels – to be so inspired that you can’t wait to share what you learned with your clients and other stylists!

Iles Video

Watch the Video

I want to share this same enthusiasm with you in person about my knowledge and love for curly hair!

If you want to learn from first hand experience and not just second hand news you need to spend the day with me.

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