I think the universe is calling you to be a little bit braver.

I remember in beauty school, one of my instructors told the class, “If you make $250 a week, you’re doing great.” I was like, “oh girl you watch me make enough to move out on my own, have a nice car, buy the clothes I want and SAVE for my future.”

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It was that internal voice on repeat.

It was those positive conversations with myself daily.

It was that laser focus that this career was going to be sought after.

It was the universe calling me to be a little bit braver. It showed me daily how I needed to step up and put myself in spots that made me scared as fuck.

That universe showed me to look fear in the face and walk right through it with grace.

Every day

Every time


Own it

It’s this attitude and determination that lead me to start Adored Signature Hand Tied Hair Extensions.

I did my research and sought out the best possible hair. You can read about my journey.

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What makes you brave? What keeps you going?

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