“Few people have the imagination for reality.”
Johann Wolfgang

People with imagination who think outside the box see things in people, places and things that the average “unimaginative” person wouldn’t or just doesn’t want to.

In a world where straight hair extensions have dominated, there is a need for multiple textures. Texture matching is just as important as color matching. If the natural hair has any wave or curl and straight extensions are installed, one drop of humidity and the perfect look is no longer perfect.

*True Fact…. 87% of the world has some form of wave to kinky curl!


So now it’s your turn to step up and learn about curly.
The need is there.
Don’t guess your way through it!

Jennifer Janisch

Take it from me… do the 3 rows of extensions in that photo look like the same principles would apply that you have used in the past for straight hair?


Check out our stylist “Texture Training” program. All. you need to know is there for you to learn. From brushing, shampooing, deep conditioning, detangling, two different cutting techniques (one to blend and one to create more curl), styling with texture, blowouts, troubleshooting and so MUCH MORE.

And as a stylist fully trained in textured hair you will be added to our salon locator. This will help potential clients with curly hair find YOU when looking for an expert to help them achieve the hair of their dreams.

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