Curly Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Care

Washing Curly Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions
Curly hair looks so cool and different because it has so many twists and turns. Those twists and turns can cause a lot of pulling when trying to brush dry.
You most likely have not really brushed your curly hair extensions since you styled them so we suggest that you take the time before you get in the shower to go through your extensions in sections and throughly brush through any tangling to get rid of lose hairs your scalp has shed naturally. The loose hairs can cause matting between your rows.
So it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to make sure you have brushed throughly but carefully.
Our recommendation is to then wash and condition well.
You can brush through the conditioner in the shower but you must do it in sections.
Take the top hair that is yours and free from the wefts use a wet brush and comb through and clip it up.
Take the first weft brush through holding tight about 6” from the bottom.
Work the tangles out and move up. The reason you are holding it tight is so there is no tugging or pulling on the wefts/row.
Once you get to the top, hold the weft and brush through.
Again you are removing any tangles or naturally shedded hair from your own head.
We lose on average anywhere from 50-150 hairs a day.
If this is not properly brushed out, it will cause tangling and matting of the extension hair. Once combed through, clip up that section.
Now that you are on the row of your natural hair in between the wefts, make sure you brush this throughly.
Get out any tangles. Do NOT let the section matte up. And do NOT be afraid to get it brushed out properly. Clip up once brushed through.
Next weft/row and clip up.
The nape of your neck, brush through it.
Take down all sections and rinse after the allotted time for the deep conditioner.
Wash the curly extensions 1-2 times a week and deep condition at a minimum every two weeks.
Our favorite deep conditioner for curly extensions is Ouidad’s Triple Treat or Iles Formula Deep Conditioning Mask.

Styling Curly Adored Signature Hand-Tied Extensions
Just like I explained brushing through the conditioner in sections, you will want to do the same after you have showered.
This will help you to get the hair separated in smaller more manageable sections in order to apply product properly and style.
Make sure your hair and the extension hair are pretty wet when you do this.
Get several clips and clip each section separately.
When styling the extensions with a curl our favorite cream is Iles Formula Curl Serum and our favorite gels are from the Ouidad product line (exclusively for curly hair with lots of moisturizing properties that extensions love)

*Please note any product lines with a lot of alcohol will dry out the extensions and cause your curls to frizz and be unmanageable.

You should apply the product in the sections from the bottom up.
Curly hair requires more product.
It is thicker and more porous that straighter textures.
It is NOT recommended to let hair air-dry.
If you use Ouidad, it is meant to be used generously. If you afraid of crunch, there is a pomade to break the gel cast once the hair is completely dry.

DO NOT have sunscreen near hair as it can turn it shades of pink and orange.
With curly hair, you should sleep with your hair on top of your head in a loose bun so the curls do not get roughed up. In the morning, you can take down the bun and let it fall. It should look great!

Here is a pdf of our Hair Extensions Maintenance Take Home sheet.

PS: I personally am not a fan of oils. Most are made out of silicone. Silicone is not water soluble. That means it coats your hair. An oil mixed with a heat tool is like a microwave. It heats from the inside out and can cause a ton of damage to the extension hair. It will burn it from the inside out. I do not recommend oils to style hair whether they are natural or extension hair.

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