Hey there! I am Jennifer Janisch the creator of Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions.

I have been a stylist for 27 yrs and an extension artist for 10 of those years.

I am certified in several different methods, my favorite being the SKW Extensions Method which I am an educator for.

Once I got into the world of hand-tied hair, I quickly realized the quality of hair was lacking.

I wanted hair that was soft and moved like real hair. I wanted to be able to color it without the worry of silicone doing crazy things to the process. I wanted to have even density throughout. Most of all, I wanted hair that looked good all day long without crawling.

I wanted Indian Temple hair.

So I found it.

At first I was just going to have an exclusive line for my salon, but after some consideration I realized it wasn’t only me experiencing these very things with hand-tied hair.

It was then I realized I needed to share my product with everyone.

As a stylist, I know your wants and needs so you can expect to get the quality and service that comes with that.

Adored Signature Hand-Tied hair extensions is a luxury line. The hair speaks for itself.

It is not stiff. There is no silicone. The cuticle is fully intact. It is Indian Remy hair, which its make up is the closest you will find to our natural hair here in the US.

As a hair extension artist just like you, I will always deliver the best quality and service.

Come to me with your questions and I will help you. Send me you works of art and I look at them with pride.

Life is here for the taking. Let’s live it with the best tools to showcase our work and take our hair extension businesses to the next level!

You can email me or phone/text at 630-936-9831.

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