How do you become a verified stylist for Adored Signature Hair Extensions?

You need to fill out the registration form and provide your current cosmetology license and hand-tied hair extensions installation method.

In order to purchase Adored Signature Hair Extensions, you must purchase and view our Curly, Beachwave and Subtle Body Hair Extensions Styling and Care Tutorials Videos. When you purchase the videos you will also receive our Beauty Box which contains every product you will need to properly style and care for the extensions.

We will also place your name, salon, address and contact information on our Salon Locator.

How many grams are the hand-tied wefts?

25 grams. That is almost double the density of a standard weft.

What is the width of the hand-tied weft?

16 to 20 inches wide. They can be custom folded to your client’s needs or your creative placement.

Are your extensions single drawn or double drawn?

Double Drawn.

How many wefts do I need?

When creating volume only 2-3 wefts would be used. (1 row) For length and volume on average 5-7 wefts would be used. (2- 2 1/2 rows). In very thick hair 8-10 (3 rows). Our wefts are also sold as singles. This gives you the highest level of creativity. Mix your color choices up! Create the most natural hair color with the ability to mix as many shades as you wish without the commitment of full packs and half packs. This also allows our product the most cost effective.

How does your shipping work?

We ship using UPS.

Please be aware that with the growth of our company, we have a slight delay in shipping at this moment.

Orders placed today will not ship until  48 hours on the first business day from the time of purchase. For example, if the order is placed on a Monday, it will ship 48 hours later on Thursday. If for the order is placed on Friday, it will ship on the following Wednesday.

Our apologies as we work hard to keep up with your orders. Thank you for your business!!

We have UPS Ground Commercial, UPS 3-Day Select, and UPS 2nd Day Air.

If you need overnight shipping, you must call 630-936-9831.

If you are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, you must call 630-936-9831 to get an accurate cost for shipping.

Can I use oil on Adored Signature Hair Extensions?

I personally am not a fan of oils. Most are made out of silicone. Silicone is not water soluble. That means it coats your hair. An oil mixed with a heat tool is like a microwave.

It heats from the inside out and can cause a ton of damage to the extension hair.

It will burn it from the inside out. I do not recommend oils to style hair whether they are natural or extension hair.

How can I best take care of my Adored Signature hair extensions?
Do you offer education?
We have online training classes on how to work with our Textured Hand-Tied Hair Extensions as well as Premium Videos on how to care and style the hair extensions.
What is your return/refund policy?

You can find our Return Policy here.

What is the best choices for rooting, toning and low lighting Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

During the lightning process at the factory in India, they use a product very much like olaplex. After the process is done and the hair is colored, it is deep conditioned.  Then when they are hand tying it, they will at times use an argon oil to avoid static and keep things smooth so the work can be done properly.

The best way to color these is to wash them first to get rid of any residue from the conditioner and the oil.

Since the hair is extremely healthy and the cuticle is 100% in tact, you are dealing with a very different product then what comes out of China. (In China the cuticle is stripped the hair is bleached colored and sometimes chemically relaxed are permed then a layer(s) of silicone are put on the hair. It is much more porous in nature because of all these processes.)

We like to use Redken Gels, which is a permanent color, with 10 vol for rooting and lowlights especially if there is no time to wash before. Our go-to colors for this are 7N, 8N, 8NW and 7NW.

If shaded is your game for rooting and lowlights maybe drop down a level and leave it on longer than you normally would.

Once we have rooted, lowlighted and shampooed the hair, we tone it with shades and colorance. But just like with the hair on your head, if you are toning super white pale blonde and you use a purple toner the ends are going to grab purple because they are more porous that the base. We add a few drops of gb to that formula it still stays cool but does not turn purple.

We have been using this hair for almost a year and have answers to most every question you would have so please reach out to us! Join our Facebook Education group for more examples.

What are your business hours?

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Where can I find a salon that uses Adored Signature Hand-tied Hair Extensions?

Please visit our Salon Locator page. If you would like your salon added to our page, please email us at jennifer@adoredhairextensions.com.

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