Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Care

Beach Wave or Smoothed out textures

Washing Adored Signature Hair Extensions
Brush hair before washing with a  Felicia Leatherwood brush.
Make sure you are always conscious of the weft being careful not to pull it.
Hold the hair tight as you go up and then at the top, hold the weft to your head or between your fingers.
Separate natural hair from the wefts/rows.
Remove any tangling or loose hair that your natural hair has shed by brushing.
This is very important.
If you do not do this regularly, you can ruin the weft hair and create damage to your natural hair because this loose extra hair can tangle and cause unwanted matting.
When washing your hair, you want to make sure you rinse really well.
Get it very wet before applying shampoo so it can lather well and clean properly.
Our favorite product line for extensions is Iles Formula.
Make sure when you are shampooing to shampoo the extensions as well as your scalp.
Use your fingers to slide between the rows to get your scalp clean.
Rinse out very well and apply a conditioner.
If your natural hair is super fine, start with your ends first and work your way up. But you must condition the extensions every time they are washed.
We recommend washing 1-2 times a week.
We also recommend deep conditioning the extensions at least every 1-2 weeks.
Our personal favorite is the Iles Formula Deep Conditioning mask for 5-20 min.
Make sure to brush out any tangles from washing your hair as well.
Section it like I explained previously.
Always make sure you are holding the extensions hair tight as you remove tangles. T he closer you get to the top make sure you hold the weft so that you do not accidentally pull it out.

Here is a pdf of our Hair Extensions Maintenance Take Home sheet.

Styling Adored Signature Hair Extensions
We love to use the Iles Formula Finishing Serum in the extensions.
It works great for blowouts and has a thermal protectant built in.
As you dry it and apply heat, it actually starts repairing your hair.
Once dry you can add more before you curl or flat iron your hair.
Curling irons and flat irons should be no higher than 320 degrees.
Just another added layer of protection against the heat.
When you are ready to finger through your curls, you have created again a little more Iles Formula Finishing Serum.
You will get superior shine.
DO NOT have sunscreen near hair as it can turn it shades of pink and orange.
Always sleep with hair in a loose braid to prevent matting.

PS: I personally am not a fan of oils. Most are made out of silicone. Silicone is not water soluble. That means it coats your hair. An oil mixed with a heat tool is like a microwave. It heats from the inside out and can cause a ton of damage to the extension hair. It will burn it from the inside out. I do not recommend oils to style hair whether they are natural or extension hair.

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