The reason I talk so much about proper styling techniques and the right mix of products is because after years of styling my own curly hair and having 3 rows of extensions myself:

The challenges and how to troubleshoot
The mistakes and how to correct them
The products that work and those that don’t

It’s my mission as a curly expert to share my knowledge with you and your clients.

This is the reason we initially created the care and styling videos. These videos cover everything and anything you and your clients need to know about brushing, shampooing, applying product, diffusing and so much more.

What we discovered is that these videos are not optional…they are essential. So when purchasing hair from Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair for the first time, all stylists are required to purchase these videos.

Believe me it’s worth it…
it benefits you because you gain knowledge to pass on to your clients
it benefits your clients because they know how to care for their extensions
it benefits you because a client who is happy with their extensions not only comes back but tells others
The fact is, having this knowledge actually pays for itself with a pleased client who returns and refers someone to your chair.

Care and Styling

Watch the Video

Don’t cut yourself short by stopping with just the care and styling videos.

Booking a one-on-one session with me will expand your knowledge greatly when working with textured hair.

I have one and two day options available…book yours today!

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