One common mishap with textured hair extensions is believing that a wet brush will work to get the tangles out if you run it over your hair uhm…NO. Definitely NOT. Our favorite is Felicia Leatherwood Brush.

The ONLY way to properly get through your natural hair and the rows (that have a ton of hair on them) is to break it down into smaller section.


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Start with the hair on top of your head that is above the rows.

Detangle and clip it down.

Then top row, break it down into about 4 sections. One section on either side above your ears and then divide the back into to sections.

Use that Felicia Leatherwood brush and go right up to the top of the row, push the bristles all the way through and brush. Use your fingers to feel for any tough spots. A rough spot means there is a tangle. Get back in there and free it.

Once finished with each section clip up and keep working your way down.

It is also EXTREMELY important to make sure your natural hair is completely detangled between the rows. If this step is missed you will have a disaster on your hands. Once that disaster starts it’s a hard one to come back from. Sometimes it totally ruins the investment.

Once everything is detangled properly we start at the bottom to style!

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