Do you ever struggle achieving the perfect root color on extensions?

Here is a tip that will bring wisdom in that color room if you are struggling.


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If a client has “natural” hair color (without a permanent color root touch up) you need to use an ash color. Of course… but how without it taking with funky colors?

We have found that by using Redken Gels and 10vol takes better to our wefts then semi permanent for a root.

This root is 5N with a tan background which while neutral, also covers the “gold” needed to fill that gap. We also added in equal parts 5NA to the formula. This may seem dark but what we have found is better to error on the side of slightly darker than to light.

Because when it’s too light it sticks out like a sore thumb. Right? Or right?

If your guest has a touch up permanent color on, no matter what you do it will always most likely pull warmth. It’s the science of permanent color on natural hair. It lightens before it actually deposits the pigment exposing warm undertones.

In this situation warmth is needed. Our favorite go to is the NW series in Redken Gels again with 10vol.

We still suggest dropping it down a level from what you think. When determining where the extensions are placed on the head we must remember most heads of hair are darker under the occipital bone because it really does not see the sun. So when formulating make sure you formulate the root of the extensions to that area and not on the top of the head or “overall”.

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