Let’s be real for 5 minutes here.

Curly extensions and the beach just don’t go together. Getting in ocean water is only an option for the toes.

beach hair definitely care

Just when you think you are Princess Ariel the realization after the water hits the hair it’s Princess Merida fast and furious with the frizz.

Literally 5 seconds after getting out of the water hair begins to grow and matt like an uncontrollable web. Add in hair extensions and you will think the devil entered the web. Trust us!

We have seen it, we have heard it even after instilling the fear. If anyone tells you different…. They have ZERO experience with curly hair.

It is the cold hard truth but someone’s got to share it.

Educate your clients to be that girl relaxing and looking gorgeous with her toes in the SAND. With every passerby saying, “DAMN GIRL your hair is so beautiful!” Not the girl crying with a mattball in the back of her head.

If we could compare the investment….. your Louis Vuitton, if it makes it down to the beach, is sitting nicely on its own chair soaking up the sun. It never feels the sand and for damn sure never an ounce of salt water touches it. Are we right? We are 100% correct.

Make sure your clients know the importance of treating their Adored Signature Handtied Hair Extensions with the same respect. They are worthy of it.

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